Navajo Country

By Kristin Butler (originally published by Indian Country Media Network)


The majestic canyons of Navajo country have always been home to Siera Begaye, Diné. She finds peace in the desert landscape, which serves as the stunning backdrop of her photo shoots. Begaye began modeling at age 15, and today counts more than 13,000 Instagram followers (@sweetsib). She collaborates with Native photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion designers — “bridging the gap between Native inspired to Native made,” she says. Devoted to the healing and wellness of Native youth and women, she has traveled to Hawaii, New Zealand, California and Oregon as a volunteer for the Native Wellness Institute, as well as collaborated with Indigenous Rising Media. Today Begaye, 21, guides international visitors on tours through Antelope Canyon. “I have a deep respect for our environment, the elements that shape us and our earth,” she says.


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