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Sweetbitter Creator Stephanie Danler on Adapting her Award-Winning Novel for TV

Sweetbitter portrays a side of restaurants not often seen in mainstream media—delicate, sensual, feminine. The Starz TV show, based on Stephanie Danler’s award-winning novel of the same name, premiered Sunday, May 6. As executive producer, Danler trades her lyrical sentences for powerful visuals. States of loneliness, intoxication and longing are portrayed in many ways, though […]

How Wonderstruck Brilliantly Uses Sound & Silence to Tell a Beautiful Story

Wonderstruck, Brian Selznick’s 2011 young adult novel, weaves together illustration and text to tell a riveting story that chronicles the solo quests of two deaf 12 year olds through New York City in different eras: Rose in 1927 and Ben in 1977. The film adaptation, written by Selznick and directed by Todd Haynes, similarly transitions […]

Removing Colonized Thought: Why Pre-Colonial Indigenous Foods Matter

Sean Sherman, founder of The Sioux Chef, wants to reconnect natives with indigenous gastronomic culture and history through education and restaurants across Turtle Island By Kristin Butler (originally published by Indian Country Media Network) Sean Sherman, the Oglala Lakota founder of The Sioux Chef, describes the exclusively indigenous food at his upcoming Minneapolis restaurant as […]

Justine's Winter Tent

Favorite East Austin restaurant unveils lavish space for oysters and fun

By Kristin Butler (originally published by CultureMap) The holiday season is in full swing with the recent debut of Justine’s Winter Tent and oyster bar, Bar à Huîtres. In proper Parisian style, oysters are served on weekend nights until 1:30 am, preferably chased with Champagne. [cont.] Read the full article originally published on on December 8, […]

Foraging is his prayer time and traditional cooking is his meditation.

Chef Karlos Baca waxes poetic on reconnecting indigenous people with their ancestral foods. By Kristin Butler (originally published by Indian Country Media Network) It took years of self-study and reconnecting to his ancestral knowledge for Karlos Baca (Diné/Tewa/Nuche) to shed the colonial mind frame that’s so deeply embedded in modern culinary styles. “I had this […]

Groundbreaking Nude Exhibit ‘Native American Body of Art’ May Spark a Native Renaissance

The visionary behind Native Pop organizes another indigenous art collective and traveling showcase, Native American Body of Art, inspiring nude art and potentially a native renaissance By Kristin Butler (originally published by Indian Country Media Network) “It’s 2017 and we’re doing the first nude Native exhibition. That’s kind of mind-boggling,” says Brent Learned, a renowned […]

Master Sommelier June Rodil’s Favorite Things

By Kristin Butler (originally published by Austin Monthly) One of only 230 master sommeliers worldwide, June Rodil considers herself a “wine translator,” skilled at guiding consumers to the right glass of wine. “I think a lot of people who are ‘experts’ hold their knowledge close, and it’s almost dogmatic,” she says. “I really just want […]

World Goes Wild for ‘Raw, In-Your-Face’ Native Pop Art

Native Pop energizes Indian country’s art scene with bold color and iconic images, offers platform for activism By Kristin Butler (republished courtesy Indian Country Media Network) The organizers behind Native Pop hunted for “hardcore, cutting-edge” indigenous artists to form their collective. The idea was to educate the public that Native people do more than traditional […]